This July, our sermon series is called Down By the Riverside. We will be using the old spiritual of the same name, scripture, and writing from William Sloane Coffin and Martin Luther King, Jr. to dive into what it means to be a patriotic person, how God calls us to social justice and civil liberties, and what this means for the Kingdom of God. We are putting together a panel of folks to help guide the conversation around these topics on the 2nd and 4th Sundays at 7:00 pm, July 12th, and July 26th. This will be done by Zoom.

Learn about all of our panelists participating in the discussion.
Dr. Clifton Howard, Dr. Baranda Fermin, Danielle "Pockett" Brown, Rev. Macie Liptoi, and Dr. Stan Copeland

The following list of resources has been gathered from church staff and members from their own personal journeys of learning. We would welcome additions from anyone! Please contact Kay Eck at keck@llumc.org with your suggestions.