For the past seventy five years, Lovers Lane United Methodist Church has been a sign and source of Overflowing Hope for the greater Dallas area and beyond! Whether you’ve been a part of our church family for seventy five years or seventy five minutes, your support, through prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness, has made a difference. This year, we will celebrate the great history of LLUMC and remember all that God has done, but we will also look to the future and consider what God has yet to do! I want to invite you to participate in our 75th Anniversary Capital Campaign we are calling Overflowing Hope: The Next 75. Here, you can read about the exciting initiatives we feel God is leading us to pursue. These projects will leave a legacy that will help shape the next 75 years of ministry God is already preparing for the people of Lovers Lane. I want to ask you to pray for our church and this campaign and to prayerfully consider how God is leading you to contribute to these efforts. As always, it is my joy to serve as your pastor. Our shared legacy is hope-filled, and our future is hopeful! ~Stan

Total Goal



As we enter The Next 75 years, the grandeur of our worship and music in honor of our gracious Lord and Savior will be experienced in a powerful new way and be even more attractive to all who enter our Sanctuary.


our HOPE is to . . . repair our 40 yr-old stained-glass panes & equip the glass to continue to perform in ways that amaze for decades to come.

The Sanctuary, with its featured windows, was funded and endowed as a gift from the Pollard Simons family, a Jewish friend of our first pastor Tom Shipp -- what an amazing display of generosity and respect for our congregation’s outreach to people in need.


our GOAL is...



our HOPE is to . . . create dynamic visual enhancement that carefully adds to the beauty of our worship space of magnificent color & light.

We are excited to introduce LED screens to our Sanctuary, which is arguably the most beautiful sanctuary anywhere and is the largest stained-glass building in the country. With tremendous advancements in electronic screens and staging designs, the addition of screens mounted on the chancel towers will add to the beauty of the Sanctuary. Additionally, we want to ensure that sound amplification is the best it can be in our Sanctuary and have lighting of the highest quality for all worship and special events. As we enter The Next 75 years, our music and worship will be experienced in a powerful new way and be even more attractive to all who enter our Sanctuary by the advent of these electronic visual enhancements.

We will be able to...

  • Show video content of ministry, outreach, events and mission work that we all can celebrate.
  • See the children’s faces as they sing and bring our choir to the front on screens even when they are in the gallery.
  • Have special services that feature visual dynamics; music events, weddings, and even funerals will be greatly enhanced.
  • Have our worship moments uplifting the sacraments of Holy Baptism and Communion brought to a new vibrance.
  • Magnify images of those who preach, speak, sing and testify to the church’s ministry, greatly improving this communication.
  • Greatly leverage our broadcast and electronic streaming features already in place to reach tens of thousands of people around the world.

our GOAL is...



our HOPE is to . . . have our new chillers installed before our Kick-Off Sunday assuring us of quiet comfort for four more decades.

The chillers are essential to our heating and cooling. This new equipment is located on the exterior of our building in the vicinity of the Wesley Chapel and landscaped to tastefully keep the equipment out of sight. We rarely think about the chillers, but in a Sanctuary the size of ours, which is largely a glass room with so much ambient light, heating and cooling is a challenge.

our GOAL is...



our HOPE is to . . . do major painting of the exterior of the building that is much needed and will brighten up and freshen up our look greatly enhancing our sanctuary’s attractiveness.

The task of painting and caulking is ongoing but it has been a number of years since we have done a major repaint and new caulking job. The difference it will make will be quite noticeable.

our GOAL is...



our HOPE is to . . . reupholster the pews & refinish the floors in the sanctuary.

The pews and floors were reworked in 1999 due to the generosity of members through the One Faith, One Hope, One Lord capital campaign 1997.

our GOAL is...



our HOPE is to . . . repair our wonderful organs, one that is over 60 yearsold and one that is over 40 years-old.

Our oldest organ once graced the old Sanctuary on Lovers Lane (given by members in 1958) and is housed in the towers of our present Sanctuary, and the other magnificent instrument has been the featured organ of our grand Sanctuary (given by members in 1978). The interior workings of the old Aeolian Skinner organ will be replaced so that the organ can fully be utilized. The 1978 Schantz organ will be updated as well.


our GOAL is...



Since moving to our present campus over 40 years ago, some infrastructure items are now in need of repair and updating. In addition to the new Sanctuary chillers and painting and recaulking of the Spire and building, our parking lot is in need of repair after several years of heavy use. We also seek to improve accessibility for our entrances, so that ALL may feel welcome on our campus. Additionally, we will create controlled access so that ALL who enter our buil ding will feel safe.


our HOPE is to . . . add exterior signage that will increase our visibility and rework our entrances for added welcoming and safe accessibility.

With the numbers of people who drive by our church, we want to make sure people know what we are offering and that they are welcome. Our entrances need to be clearly marked to extend our Christian hospitality and ensure safety every day of the week.


our GOAL is...



our HOPE is to . . . do much needed work repairing the parking lot and adding lights in places that are dark and new bulbs which have a greater illumination factor.

Our parking lot gets a workout everyday of the week with our school and other activities bringing great numbers of cars onto our campus. every day of the week.


our GOAL is...



our HOPE is to . . . repaint the Spire which was the external iconic symbol of Lovers Lane

Once upon a time, the Spire was our church logo and to this day its style and shape identify us.


our GOAL is...



We plan to complete the prayer garden path around the creek, by completing the footbridge, prayer stations, and amphitheater, which is a dynamic feature of the Copeland Ho use property.


our HOPE is to . . . erect a beautiful foot bridge spanning the creek in the style of the Meadowbrook parking lot bridge and a much smaller bridge at the base of the Copeland House to enhance the prayer garden path.

The footbridge is a needed and necessary feature to allow us to easily access the east side of the prayer garden and will also allow access to the Meadowbrook parking from Shipp Chapel.


our GOAL is...



our HOPE is to . . . construct a vibrant amphitheater that will be used for plays, concerts, and special services.

The natural landscape on the northeast side of the property lends itself for an amphitheater as the apex of the prayer walk through the garden.

our GOAL is...



our HOPE is to . . . complete each prayer station and enhance the beauty and functionality of the the prayer stations.

There are five prayer stations that lead to an amphitheater; the stations will be accessed from one side of the creek to the other by the new bridges.


our GOAL is...



our HOPE is to . . . spruce up the house and enhance the already beautiful and simple structure that lends itself as a great complement to the Prayer Garden.

There are five rooms in the Copeland House which are mostly used for groups and classes. Enhancements will keep the house beautiful and popular for meetings and events.


our GOAL is...



our HOPE is to... completely retire dept and create a cash reserve

We currently spend about $20,000 a month simply paying interest on our debt. We already have $1.5 million pledged which is designated for debt payment. By retiring our debt, we can put that money toward ministry and mission to “Love ALL into a relationship with Jesus Christ.” Just imagine how much of an impact that will make!

our GOAL is to... $4,700,000
our HOPE is to... build our cash reserves so that we will always have 'money in the bank' for rainy days

As a church, we always operate on faith that our members and friends will give their gifts through the year. A cash reserve helps us weather those times of the year when revenue may be low or when there is any type of emergency.

our GOAL is to... $500,000


In 2018, the Foundation’s support for the church totaled more than $300,000. This support comes to the church through various Endowments which help with Building Maintenance, Music Programs, Education, and Technology to name a few. The Lovers Lane UMC Foundation exists to financially support the mission and ministry of LLUMC. By continuing to grow our Foundation, we will put the church in a position of financial strength as we move into The Next 75 years of ministry. We dream of a day when the Foundation could support much, if not all, of the church’s routine facility maintenance, allowing the annual budget to be maximized for mission and ministry!

Specifically, we hope to increase the following Endowment Funds:

  • Phillips Family Fund will be used for 12th Step Ministry (est. 2019)

    our GOAL is... $1,000,000

  • Ewert Fund is used for maintenance of the Shepherd’s Garden and Columbarium, as well as the remainder of the LLUMC grounds and facilities. (est. 2016)

    our GOAL is... $350,000

  • Arnold Fund is used for the repair or purchase of LLUMC communication equipment. (est. 2000)

    our GOAL is... $100,000

  • Folsom Family Fund is for the maintenance and upkeep of Shipp Chapel. (est. 2014)

    our GOAL is... $450,000

  • Simons Fund is for the maintenance and repair of the LLUMC Sanctuary. (est. 1981)

    our GOAL is... $50,000

  • Angela Jamison Fund is for scholarships for college students (est. 2019)

    our GOAL is... $50,000

overall GOAL is $2,000,000


Our hope is to extend our reach into the world by supporting missions globally and locally. Lovers Lane has always been known by its mission focus, and this campaign is no exception. For years now, Lovers Lane has been a primary church partner with the Moscow Seminary and its efforts to bring the Gospel to post-Soviet-era Russia. The Moscow Seminary has big dreams that we are prepared to help it reach. We also feel called to begin an extension ministry of Lovers Lane UMC at a place called “723” right here in DFW.
overall GOAL is


our HOPE is to . . . fund a professorship for an indigenous Russian United Methodist Clergyperson who has earned a PhD.

We are prepared to fund the seminary’s first ever Endowed Professorship, meaning they will have a fulltime professor for the first time in their history.


our GOAL is...



our HOPE is to . . . fund eight endowed scholarships, which will help seminarians follow God’s call upon their lives.


The tuition for a student at the Moscow Theological Seminary is $2,500. A $50,000 endowed scholarship will generate enough funding for one student each year.

our GOAL is...



our HOPE is to . . . build a seed fund which will allow our young adult outreach to thrive at our mission-hub space at 723 Fort Worth Ave. Dallas, TX.

We have long dreamed of extending the ministry of Lovers Lane into the West Dallas community. A beautifully restored old warehouse has been made available to us by a member family and we call this mission-hub “723.”


our GOAL is...



Lovers Lane has long been a place where ALL people could find a place to belong. This was evident by our early role of reaching out to alcoholics and those in need of recovery along with their families. Through the years, our Twelfth Step Ministry has become well-known as a place where addicts and their families can come for support, love and care. The Twelfth Step Ministry is renowned in the world of recovery as a place of healing and hope for literally tens of thousands of North Texans each year. Their space, the Center for Spiritual Development, sees more than 80 weekly groups, and the time has come to build a new facility that can serve the community for decades to come.
our GOAL is

This new building will be owned by the church and available for our use on Sunday mornings. It will feature a large gathering room, and different sized meeting rooms, with a porch overlooking the beautiful creek that surrounds the property.