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Our mission as a church is to “Love ALL People Into Relationship with Jesus Christ.” How exactly do we do that? Jesus loved all people, but we see throughout his life that he started by loving ONE. Jesus took time to love the woman at the well. Jesus spotted Zacchaeus in the tree and invited him down. Jesus interrupted his teaching to heal a crippled woman in the synagogue. Jesus taught us that Loving ALL begins with Loving ONE.

The ONE for ALL Challenge

Our ONE for ALL Challenge invites us to become more like Jesus by committing to our five core values of Worship, Learn, Engage, Share and Give. When each ONE of us takes these steps as individuals, we ALL become better as a community at fulfilling our mission to love ALL people into relationship with Jesus Christ.

If you commit to the ONE for ALL Challenge at any level, we, as a church, will commit to supporting you throughout the year with the resources you need to fulfill that challenge. AND, we will celebrate your progress all year long!

Any Commitment Level

Joining the ONE for ALL Challenge by committing to at least one of the Core Values  includes:

  • Ministry Fair in February
  • Invitation-only Banquet with Adam Hamilton in May
  • Invitation-only Celebration Dinner with entertainment in November
  • One additional ticket to share for May and November events
  • Worship and learning opportunities throughout the year
  • Weekly and monthly recognition progress for each of the Core Value Commitments
  • Monthly newsletter highlighting new opportunities

ALL-In Commitment Level

Joining the ONE for ALL Challenge by committing to ALL of the Core Values includes these additional benefits:

  • Special recognition for your ALL-In Commitment
  • Additional tickets to share for May and November events
  • Pre-event reception for May and November events
  • Reserved seating at May and November events

The Core Value Commitments

Jesus lived a life of worship, both in actions and words. He taught about the value of worship and demonstrated his own commitment by observing the Sabbath and teaching in the Synagogue. Jesus reminded us that “’It’s written, You will worship the Lord your God and serve only him.’” We can become more like Jesus by committing to worship.

  • Mark your attendance in-person or online
  • Monthly recognition for perfect attendance
  • Annual recognition for perfect attendance all year

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Jesus was a lifelong learner. Scripture tells us that, as a boy, Jesus went to the temple where he was found, “sitting among the teachers, listening to them and putting questions to them.” Then even the end of his life, Jesus learned obedience from all that he suffered. We can become more like Jesus by committing to learn.

  • Join a new class/group or continue in your current class or group
  • Register your attendance
  • Quarterly lists of new classes will help you find new opporunities
  • Prayer and devotional resources will be available for you to do in-person learning
  • Recognition for classes with new members and for individuals with perfect attendance

Jesus himself said he came to earth not to be served, but rather to serve and even give his live in service to others. Throughout his ministry Jesus engaged with the people he met by serving in ways that met their needs. We can become more like Jesus by committing to engage in service to others.

  • Serve in one of our regular mission opportunities
  • Join a long-term or short-term church ministry team
  • Watch for opportunities highlighted in worship and online newsletters
  • Celebration of the numbers of hours served, people served and people in servicee

From the beginning of his ministry, Jesus shared his message, inviting the disciples to follow him. Jesus tells us to “go into the world and proclaim the good news to every creature.” We can become more like Jesus by committing to share the Good News.

  • Invite friends and family to worship other church events
  • Share online worship and other events with your social media network
  • Gifts for first time guests AND those who bring them.

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Scripture says we should be concerned about the needs of others and not just ourselves, because we “must have the same attitude that Christ Jesus had.” Every time we give, we demonstrate love in the same way that Jesus did. We become more like Jesus by committing to give.

  • Learn about Heartburst ministries in worshp, on social media, at events and other places and support them with your gifts.
  • Consider spreading your annual pledge over the year if you usually wait until the end of year.
  • Consider increasing your monthly gift.
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