Joy Comes

This will be a blog that eludes to the passage of scripture in Psalm 35:4, “Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.” Joy Comes will be about hope — which seems elusive at this time — for unity within the United Methodist Church “family.” This hope comes through the “weeping” for some sisters and brothers who have conceded to “amicable separation” as what they may be praying for. Therefore, the greatest hope with some in our larger family is a peaceful division of the denomination. Much like the church split in 1844 over the single issue of slavery and the complicated ethical and political issues in the country surrounding this matter, we now come to the brink of separation again, this time regarding homosexuality.

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The “Endy” Plan: Critique Part 2

The “ENDY” PLAN “Before ending the United Methodist Church as we have known it, Central Conference representation at the table is essential in developing `the plan’ forward”              The hope is that those who were at the Indy Plan table will acknowledge the need for broader involvement and more voices speaking into their work.  I …

Part I : Dissolution is No Solution

“A respectful and responsible, yet pointed critique of the Indianapolis Plan”              Like many in the “center” of United Methodism I have been taken aback by some of the Mainstream UMC articles as being somewhat abrasive. These feelings have been more about style, than about questioning the “hard truth” the articles have uplifted. The last …