“And the Lord added to their number DAILY…”

The Book of Acts illustrates what our calling is as disciples of Jesus Christ through the actions of the apostles–the very people who followed him in the earliest days of the church. The first converts to the Christian faith were linked together by shared values and beliefs. We see that a focused faith and lived-out values yielded more converts, more disciples, more people who would come to know Christ as Lord and Savior.


At Lovers Lane, each of us are linked by the common values of Worship, Learn, Engage, Give and Share. We live out our calling as disciples when we are fully connected and committed to each of these! When we worship a resurrected Jesus, together; do life, together, through our small groups; work together to do good works; bring our resources together to render aid to those who are in need; and, together, support one another in the sharing of our individual stories...

God will ADD to our number as well!

We are excited to see how God leads you to commitment, the ways in which you will be transformed, and the wonderful ways it will impact the ministry of Lovers Lane. We look forward to seeing how God will add to our numbers…DAILY!