COVID-19: Guided Prayer for Lovers Lane UMC Congregation

We invite you to pause to lift up specific names and requests to God where the italics are. We will join our hearts and spirits together in prayer, though we are not physically together.

Gracious God,

These are unprecedented times. We cannot predict what our world will look like tomorrow, next week, or two months from now. The unknowns are overwhelming. 

God, we lift up our anxieties about what lies ahead.


Hear our prayers.


You created us with community written into our very being. We are people who long for companionship, for friendship, for connection. This time of social distancing, of isolation, of quarantine, weighs heavily on our souls. 

God, we lift up our loneliness.


Hear our prayers.


It seems that fear is ever present. It saturates our news outlets, our social media, our own thinking. We are afraid for our friends who work in healthcare, and our family members who are vulnerable to this virus. We are afraid of how long it will take for life to return to normal. We are afraid because we simply don’t know what tomorrow brings.

God, we lift up our fears.


Hear our prayers.


God, we pray for those who are sick or who may get sick.  We ask that you would continue to be present with them, that you would bring your healing, and that you would bring about victory.  

God, we lift up the sick. 


Hear our prayers.


We give thanks for those who sacrifice to help neighbors, who check in on their friends, and for those who work in all fields of healthcare.  We pray that you would provide discernment and protection. We pray that you would give them strength, compassion, and stamina for what lies ahead.

God, we lift up the servants.


Hear our prayers.


As we find ourselves at home with our children, we give thanks for all of our educators.  For those who are scrambling to rewrite lesson plans, to create online learning environments, and who are missing their students, we pray that you would be with them.  For those administrators and leaders who are making hard decisions, we ask for your guidance and direction. For students who are missing their friends, who do not have enough food to eat at home, and for those without resources to adequately learn at home, we pray.  

God, we lift up the students and teachers.  


Hear our prayers.  


We give thanks for those in leadership and those who are making hard decisions for the community.  We ask that you would lead, guide, and direct them to make decisions that are good and not self serving.  We ask that you would strengthen them for the road ahead.

God, we lift up our leaders.


Hear our prayers.



You have told us to be not afraid. In Isaiah 43, you tell us not to fear, that when we pass through the waters, you will surround us. When we pass through the floods, they will not sweep over. When we walk through the fire, we will not be consumed. You have told us that we are not alone. In Psalm 23, we are not afraid because You are with us. You lead us through the dark valleys on paths that lead to life. 


God, you have never left us. You are still working among us now. We lift up now the ways we have seen you moving in our midst.


Thank you God.


Guide us through this time. Assuage our fears and anxieties. Remind us that we are not alone. Empower us to continue the work you have called us to, in new and creative ways. 


Be with us.