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As the pastors and staff of Lovers Lane UMC, we have been closely monitoring the news regarding COVID-19. The World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic and President Trump announced a 30-day restriction on travel to-and-from Europe. Both of these decisions were made in an effort to make clear the serious nature of what we are facing globally.

As followers of Jesus, we are not called to be a people who panic or react out of fear, but we are called to take seriously the concerns of our neighbors and respond in a way that communicates love for our larger community. We recognize that the primary concern we face at the moment is a healthcare system that may be overwhelmed with need as cases potentially spike in the coming days and weeks.

You may have heard the phrase "flatten the curve" recently, as protective measures have been promoted through news, social media, and by word-of-mouth. By doing whatever we can to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 now, we can help reduce the strain on our healthcare system and ensure that more of those battling COVID-19 can receive the care they require. (See the "Flatten the Curve" graphic below.)


One thing we know about COVID-19 is that, like any airborne virus, it is spread more easily through larger gatherings of people (25 or more). Out of respect for our community and local healthcare systems, and out of concern for the health and safety of our congregation, we have developed the following plan:

  • We are discouraging in-person attendance for worship this Sunday, March 15. We encourage everyone to join us for worship online at There will be no children or youth programming this Sunday.
    EDIT: The Bishop has asked to suspend in-person worship on March 15 as well. Please join us for ONLINE ONLY worship this Sunday, March 15
  • Beginning Monday, March 16, we are suspending all in-person worship attendance and church events (other than weddings and funerals) through Saturday, April 4.
  • On Sunday, March 22, and Sunday, March 29, please do not attend worship in-person. Our staff will live stream worship online at (and on Facebook and Youtube). 
  • Other events (small groups, classes, etc.) may choose to meet via video conference, as determined by their leaders.

I and the staff of Lovers Lane UMC will monitor these conditions daily and keep you informed regarding meetings and the resuming of in-person worship services. Your staff will: 

  • Continue to offer excellent worship online, 
  • Pastorally meet the needs of our congregation, 
  • Be extra responsive to your emails, texts, and calls,
  • Be praying and encourage you to pray with us, for our leaders, healthcare workers and their families, those suffering from the virus and their loved ones, and for anyone who is in fear.

We have an opportunity in the days and weeks and months to come to live as a witness to the power and love of the Gospel. As we see needs arising in our community, we will rise to meet them as the people of Lovers Lane. And as you see needs arise within your home, your neighborhood, and our larger community, we trust you will rise to meet them, too, and make your staff aware of how we can help. 

Lastly, let us always remember that our God is always with us, in every season. We need not fear, for we find hope in the resurrected Christ.

If you have any questions, you may direct them to me or Rev. Kay Eck, our Executive Pastor, at

In Christ,