Christmas Scam n' Spam

During the holiday season, we typically see an increase in scammer activity at the church. The most common form of scam is someone trying to impersonate Stan. They'll likely tell you that they are in urgent need of funds for someone and will ask for them in the form of gift cards. Unfortunately, a popular guy like Stan is always targeted and there's not much we can do about people creating fake emails other than educating you on these unsavory practices.

What do I do?

  • CHECK THE EMAIL ADDRESS. Noone from Lovers Lane UMC will EVER send you correspondence from a non-"" email address. That is usually the number one thing to check.
  • NEVER click on any links in an email that you don't trust.
  • NEVER open any email attachments that you aren't expecting.
  • You are usually safe to delete or mark these emails as spam and ignore them. If you know how, you can block the address as well.
  • If you feel that you've been compromised, change your email password and run a virus scan if you have the software.
  • If in doubt, ask

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact and I'll help as best I can. We want you to be safe and secure this holiday season. Digital safety is increasingly important as we evolve into a more digital society every day.

Stay safe, God bless, and Merry Christmas
~DJ Wilkerson - Lovers Lane UMC IT

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