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Sunday Recap: July 5

Sunday, July 5, Summary

We began our new sermon series, Down by the Riverside, that's based on a spiritual of the same name. We started off by referencing a line from the song that says, "Lay down my heavy load" as we tackled the topic of Patriotism and what it means for the Church. We also welcomed Pastor Andy Nelms as the new Associate Pastor of Thrive Worship. He will be doing a separate three-week series called, "Get to Know Me". Andy is taking time to reach out, introduce himself, and learn more about what makes Thrive so great... and that's YOU! Take look at all the sermons from Sunday, below.

At 10:00 am and 12:00 pm we had Garden Communion. We practiced proper social distancing while partaking in Holy Communion. It looked as though it would rain but the clouds parted for a beautiful sunny event.  Thank you for coming and following our guidelines to keep everyone safe during this difficult time. Hopefully, we will be together soon, but we will ensure safety first and explore new and interesting ways to worship together!

This month we're collecting School Supplies for Wesley-Rankin. You can leave your donations in the blue bins next to Entrance A. Our food ministry is still going strong and we've donated 212k pounds of fresh produce to over 57k people in need. To learn more about our Missions and Outreach or sign up to volunteer, visit

Do you have Spotify? Great! ALL of our sermons are now available on Spotify including other fun audio like our "Talk to an Artist" series from our 723 Forth Worth Ave. Ministry

This coming Sunday, we'll continue "Down by the Riverside" by talking about Social Justice. We will have a guided discussion with special guests that you can participate in online. To sign up, visit We have a virtual mission trip coming up and another amazing live stream concert in the works as well. Stay tuned, in the coming days we'll have more information available on that. If you want to stay up on everything follow us in twitter, sub to our weekly email, like our Facebook page, and/or follow us on Instagram.

Stay safe, stay positive, and continue loving ALL into relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Love ya, Lovers Lane!


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Deaf Ministry

HOA and Zim Fellowships

KIDS! Sunday School with Jenn

Fireworks fill the sky, and the knowledge and glory of the Lord will fill the earth! Let’s make fireworks in a jar together!


NEW Sermon Series with Discussions!

We'll be hosting online guided discussions on Social Justice, and Civil Liberties to go along with this series. You can sign up for the discussions here:


July 5 | Down by the Riverside: Patriotism

Sunday Recap: June 28

Sunday, July 5

We're beginning our new worship series, Down by the Riverside. Today we lay down our heavy load and talk about the Church and patriotism. Thank you for joining us in worship!

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HOA and Zim Fellowships


Live Concert of Conviction

June 28 | Bones: Job

Alyssa Barnes, Brooke Clark Gibson, Erin Roth Thomas, Ryan McDonald, Brandon Gibson, Jimmy Emery, and Sheryl perform a LIVE Concert of Conviction from the beautiful Shipp Chapel of Lovers Lane UMC. Inspiring vocal solos, duets, and ensembles were performed to communicate a powerful message expressing our highest aspirations for our nation and our heartfelt prayers for justice and peace.

Prayer for Justice

God of Justice and of Love,

When you first set to creating, Genesis tells us of multitudes of women and men made to fill the earth, all of whom bearing Your image, all of whom receiving Your breath, all of whom blessed with Your words, “You are good.” Each body you held, shades of black and brown and peach and pale, offering your warm breath of life to turn dust into something beautiful.


In our brokenness, brother turned against brother, tribe against tribe, nation against nation, until your beloved children saw only enemies in the eyes of each other.


Jesus offered us an image of wholeness and life, a Gospel of reconciliation, inclusion, justice, and love. We worshipped his arrival at the temple, until tables started turning, systems were confronted, and our normal was attacked.


Because Jesus refused to allow peaceful injustice to continue, we saw him as our enemy, too, and with the blessing of every system of worldly authority, we bound his hands, choked his breath, and mocked his death.


Christ’s risen body still bears the wounds we inflicted, a reminder not only of the sin we bear, but of Christ’s refusal to allow our sin and injustice to reign forevermore. The pierced hands of our Savior usher us into the possibility that broken bodies, broken systems, and broken worlds can always be redeemed.


We just celebrated Pentecost Sunday, the day You gave birth to Your church. As people of different nations, different tongues, different skin tones, different cultures gathered united by Your Son and Your Love, Your Holy Spirit, like a mighty wind, like a breath of resurrection and re-creation, swept down upon Your children, setting life and fire ablaze within their lungs and within their hearts. They spoke your truth, they fought for Your Love, and many gave their lives because that fire and breath was alive in them.


And so... God, what of us, your children two millennia later? Has your fire and breath descended again? When we heard our brother George Floyd cry out “I can’t breathe!” did your fire and breath descend again? Will all your creatures who still have breath praise Your name, not only with words of adoration, but with words and actions that disrupt peaceful injustice and instead create opportunities for Your love and justice to reign forevermore?


Help us to hear and to say, “Black Lives Matter,” because even though we believe all lives matter to You, black lives face greater challenges and black bodies face greater risk in our country simply by the color of their skin.


Inspire us to be people of reconciliation, able to name what is broken so that healing may actually begin.


Lead us to be blessed peacemakers, generating justice and mercy for those in most desperate need.


Guide us in Your way, oh Lord, and grant us the joy that comes from working for Your Kingdom.


Let your fire and breath descend again, O God of Justice and Love; let our hearts be set ablaze, let our lungs cry out, let our hands and feet prove our faith.


In the name of the one who bears the scars, bore our sin, and leads us into life;


In the name of Jesus Christ we pray, Amen.



A Message and Sermon From Bishop McKee

April 19 | Become the Gospel: Forgiveness

I continue to be grateful for your dedication and the creativity each of you has exhibited throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. God is certainly working through you to constantly reach the mission fields of the North Texas Conference.

With assistance from the production team at St. Andrew UMC, I have recorded two messages: a two-minute pastoral welcome and a 15-minute sermon with a scriptural focus on Acts 2:14-21, to be read prior to the playing of this video. As you plan for your worship services this week – Pentecost Sunday – I encourage you to include whichever of these best suits your needs. You may download the individual video files from the links below.

Thank you for making this opportunity for me to communicate with your congregation.

Welcome Message


COVID-19 Guided Prayer for the Congregation

COVID-19: Guided Prayer for Lovers Lane UMC Congregation

We invite you to pause to lift up specific names and requests to God where the italics are. We will join our hearts and spirits together in prayer, though we are not physically together.

Gracious God,

These are unprecedented times. We cannot predict what our world will look like tomorrow, next week, or two months from now. The unknowns are overwhelming. 

God, we lift up our anxieties about what lies ahead.


Hear our prayers.


You created us with community written into our very being. We are people who long for companionship, for friendship, for connection. This time of social distancing, of isolation, of quarantine, weighs heavily on our souls. 

God, we lift up our loneliness.


Hear our prayers.


It seems that fear is ever present. It saturates our news outlets, our social media, our own thinking. We are afraid for our friends who work in healthcare, and our family members who are vulnerable to this virus. We are afraid of how long it will take for life to return to normal. We are afraid because we simply don’t know what tomorrow brings.

God, we lift up our fears.


Hear our prayers.


God, we pray for those who are sick or who may get sick.  We ask that you would continue to be present with them, that you would bring your healing, and that you would bring about victory.  

God, we lift up the sick. 


Hear our prayers.


We give thanks for those who sacrifice to help neighbors, who check in on their friends, and for those who work in all fields of healthcare.  We pray that you would provide discernment and protection. We pray that you would give them strength, compassion, and stamina for what lies ahead.

God, we lift up the servants.


Hear our prayers.


As we find ourselves at home with our children, we give thanks for all of our educators.  For those who are scrambling to rewrite lesson plans, to create online learning environments, and who are missing their students, we pray that you would be with them.  For those administrators and leaders who are making hard decisions, we ask for your guidance and direction. For students who are missing their friends, who do not have enough food to eat at home, and for those without resources to adequately learn at home, we pray.  

God, we lift up the students and teachers.  


Hear our prayers.  


We give thanks for those in leadership and those who are making hard decisions for the community.  We ask that you would lead, guide, and direct them to make decisions that are good and not self serving.  We ask that you would strengthen them for the road ahead.

God, we lift up our leaders.


Hear our prayers.



You have told us to be not afraid. In Isaiah 43, you tell us not to fear, that when we pass through the waters, you will surround us. When we pass through the floods, they will not sweep over. When we walk through the fire, we will not be consumed. You have told us that we are not alone. In Psalm 23, we are not afraid because You are with us. You lead us through the dark valleys on paths that lead to life. 


God, you have never left us. You are still working among us now. We lift up now the ways we have seen you moving in our midst.


Thank you God.


Guide us through this time. Assuage our fears and anxieties. Remind us that we are not alone. Empower us to continue the work you have called us to, in new and creative ways. 


Be with us.






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