Moving Toward a Fuller Faith

It is easy to go through the motions of faith and “look” like a good Christian, but does Jesus call us to be church-goers or something more? For six weeks, we will discuss the radical shifts Christ asks us to make if we are to be his disciples. Will we continue to live content with a life that appears faithful, or will we follow our Savior into a life led by faith?

From Inside to Outside

If we want a more meaningful faith and a more meaningful life, we must leave behind the kingdom of “me” and step into the larger Kingdom of God.

From Me to We

A shallow faith treats Christ like a consultant or a paramedic, but a fuller faith invites Christ into every moment of our lives.

From Giving to Returning

A shallow faith views finances as something we give to those less fortunate than us. A fuller faith views all our possessions as stuff we return to God to be used for the building of His kingdom.

From Closed to Open

A shallow faith is built upon a spirituality “between me and God.” A fuller faith understands that faith in isolation is not as strong as faith in community, messy as that may be.

From Full to Empty

A shallow faith views service as something we do. A fuller faith views servanthood as a way we live.

From Next to Now

A shallow faith dwells on the past and worries over the future. A fuller faith finds contentment, peace, and power in the present.