It’s All the Same Water

Preachers spend a lot of time preparing primary messages for our congregations on Sunday. In the summer people are coming and going. Joy Comes serves as a way of me sharing what is on my mind to a congregation that is always on my heart.
We are in a sermon series entitled “Then and Now” that was the catalyst for me starting my blogging adventure. I want to be so bold as to offer my sermon on July 23 as my verbal blog.  I would appreciate hearing from those of you who take time to hear from me.

2 Replies to “It’s All the Same Water”

  1. Rev. Stan,
    Thank you for your discernment, allowing the Holy Spirit to guide you throughout this sermon (which I finally got a chance to listen to tonight). Thank you for sharing the continuing history of OUR church with centering back to what Unites us – God’s Grace & Love. God cannot be divided, so neither should we as Christ Followers – I would hope.
    It is so simple, if I think about it…we humans make God & the Grace & Love HE gives us so complicated at times.
    During the sermon, you told everyone to take a deep breath. Breathing is something we don’t even really think about. It happens naturally, automatic and it is needed to sustain a life. So vital but not thought in the aspect of us walking around saying “I must breath. Breath Gina, Breath.”
    What if we saw God’s Grace & Love this way. It happens naturally, freely and it is needed to give eternal life. God doesn’t walk around and say “I must give him/her/them/those Grace. Love her/him/those/them, Love.”
    What if we saw & gave to others through God’s lens of Grace & Love this easily?
    The answer for me is ongoing always…on my knees, prayerfully asking “YOUR Will not my own”
    Lastly, you said you are not sure what to identify yourself as. First, as an evangelical. Then as Wesleyan evangelical.
    May I share with you what I see you as?
    A pastor filled with so much grace & love for ALL.
    I see you as God’s messenger. Ever devoted to HIS message, always evolving into a greater man of God.

    So keep “blogging” and sharing God’s grace & love.
    We need it.
    I need it.

    #IamALLin #JesusIsWhoUnitesUs

    1. Thanks Gina you are always so encouraging to our church, staff and me. I appreciate that very much. You are also one of the great change agent in your spiritually informed approach to ministry to these very special brothers and sisters we definitely accept and welcome and love.

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